Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Dream Space

I was talking the other day about how I wanted my own house. Here are tidbits from the blogosphere that I most definitely want to include

Get a load of this shelving unit, I love it for many reasons including, the ladder. Who hasn't dreamed of pretending you're Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Look at the top shelves and the lighting they have. It's perfect. I also love the grey wall. It's perfect, really. I may not include the TV, it could double as my computer screen though, just in case I need to take a break and watch a movie or something...

This if from Ikea, just like everything else from my dream home.

Speaking of grey walls, look at this calander.

You make this calender by using chalkboard paint right on the wall. I LOVE IT! I'm a visual learner, and being able to have a big calender sitting next to me would help me remember things perfectly (not that I don't already, but some time in the future I may need to remember more than just my own stuff. From A Pina Colada.

I also love the idea of floating shelves, because 1. they look cool and 2. they make storage fun.

This floating book shelf looks so cute, and it's pretty easy to make. This idea came from a craft site called Cut it out and Keep it, the shelf link is here.

Decorations will be impotrant too.

Now imagine this without the bed, the bed is not what we're concentrating on.

I love the way this Mosaic piece looks. You can make it however large or small you want, with any colors. I think I'll start with reds and browns... just becasue I think it'd look amasing. Instrustions here. Oh, and grey. So it'd be red, brown and grey.

I have always thought dress forms were so elegant and cheque... And look up here in the corner, I love the thing for holding fabric and displaying it. Not to mention those floors... To die for. I love the dark wood with everything else in the room being really light and neutral. I think this room would look absolutely stunning during a thunder storm. Also from A Pina Colada featured on Or So She Says.

I love the wood table with the thick straight legs. I'd of course want a huge one so I could craft/sew on it. But in all honesty, I LOVE that room.
Now, imagine this set of decorations around the door, not the green, although I do love it... well maybe I'll to it in the kitchen. I think a bright green wall in the kitchen would be very fun.

I also just love those simple little tables. Green is fun.
I also dream some day of having a reading spot... a place that is insanely comfortable with about a zillion books at my disposal and good lighting. Ikea has these chairs/couches that I have been drooling over since I first saw them.

I might not include the playing children... It's make concentrating hard I think.

Here it is all by itself, it's easier to understand this way if you've never seen it before. In the above picture there are two side by side. Perfect for snuggling. I want these in my dream home.
I'd pair it with this book shelf set. To die for.
There you have it, some ideas that some day I'll get to make happen when I have a place of my own... Ahh, someday.

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