Monday, July 12, 2010

baby crazy

and I do mean CRAZY.

Teresa, I love you. You got me through school by paying attention so I didn't have to. You sat with me on the bus so I didn't have to talk to anyone. You taught me to talk by never shutting up :) You were a great big sister... are, you are a great big sister; but your hormones are making you crazy right now and that is making me crazy.

All I'm saying is that baby craziness is in the air, and it's not just my sister. It seems like everyone is either pregnant or a mother... am I the only one who doesn't find that life appealing right now? I don't think so, it's just that I can't imagine carrying a little person around inside of me for 9 months then helping it grow up for the next 20+ years or so. I'm too young for that crap.

Since Teresa is my sister and babies need showers, I have to do a lot of the work, and I honestly have no idea what to do. She isn't into the foo-foo girly stuff, which is good, but my mother is driving me crazy with the plans and everything.

However, some day, in the very distant future, I may plan on popping out a little one, and I'd like to have someone else do all the pre-birth work for me, so I'm keeping my mouth shut and being a good sister. Sort of.

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