Monday, July 26, 2010 doesn't want me

I don't know how exactly, but obviously signing up for stuff online people sell your e-mail and you get junk. I got said junk from an decided that since I had nothing else to do I'd fill it out. Sunday morning wasted. They don't like me. They think I'm profane.

Apparently "poop" is not deemed appropriate language, and since I talk about poop on a daily basis I've decided I don't want to find me a lover.

Me and poop'll do it on our own!



  1. LMAO Well, if it makes you feel any better, you're not alone! I got rejected as well a few years ago when I tried to register just for the hell of it. Apprently, my attempt to beep out the word "sh*t" didn't work! ;)

  2. I feel like if it's a dating site where you're supposed to meet people who like the real you, you should be able to say what you'd really say. I say poop, you say shit. Shit, needs to lighten up yo.

  3. Wow...? Never heard of a dating website that censors / disallows membership based on words. o_O Guess now I have.

    And poop?