Thursday, July 1, 2010

i'm mainstreaming

If you've never met me, which is very likely considering how much I like to stay at home and pretend I'm interesting while I roll dice trying to do max damage... I mean while I stay home watching copious amounts of 30 Rock and Will and Grace (I don't know if that's any better...) you probably don't know how ridiculously out of things I am.

I've never looked at Craigslist, until today, when my aunt forced me to email a woman about a blender so I wouldn't buy a new one and waste money.

and obviously by "forced" I mean sent the email for me and told me I had to buy it even if I was scared... which I am.

This woman may or may not be next door neighbors with a kid in band from HS. In fact it may actually be the same house, I can't remember. All the houses in that part of my neighborhood look the same. And I do mean in my neighborhood. I rode the bus by this house every day till my mother finally let me get my drivers license senior year. This woman lives close. How convenient?! Craigslist is wonderful! I may go read it myself some time soon!

So naturally I'm less afraid to go now that I see her house is so near, if I get murdered it's close enough to where I actually live that the police may look there.

And now I'll finally be able to make my own margaritas for margarita Wednesdays and not feel like a loser.

Other things I'm way behind on? I finally got an iPod yesterday... I'm 21 and I've never had one. It's 2010 and I've never had one.

Who knows, tomorrow I may see what this "Internet" thing everyone keeps talking of is all about. I hear it's very colorful. I just need to get an extra phone line so I don't miss a call. Excuse me though, I have math homework to do and I misplaced my abacus.

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