Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i have strange shaped ears... on the inside

Does anyone else have trouble with the in-ear headphones that are oh so popular nowadays?

I know that "one size fits most" is really just like saying we're lazy so suck it; but ears are one of those things that really don't vary that much, especially the inside part. I, however, am not in the group of normal ear insides, and sometimes I wear the left one in my right ear... and the right in my left. That honestly stays better than regular, and I say "stays" because my freak ears actually push the buds out. They'll pop right out and I won't be able to get them to stay again because now my ears are sore from working so hard to get the bugger out and I'm stuck listening to nothing.

I would like to say that I'm not abnormal in my other inside parts... in case you were worried. I am pretty sure my lady doctor would have said something.

Lady doctor... don't most females prefer "lady" lady doctors? Mine is not a lady, but he is very nice, and I'm pretty sure he isn't gay. I've derived this from the fact that most homo men are literally afraid of vagina's. My best friend says it looks like a wound that will never heal, and although I have done the mirror thing required to get a good look, I have no comment on that opinion... My vagina is not a flower, it doesn't smell like roses, but I'm proud of it, and although Id like to send it away every three weeks or so, I'd never trade it for a penis. Not for my life.

I believe I have talked about being a girl before, and I'm sticking with all of those reasons. Being a girl sucks, don't get me wrong, but the crazy that is naturally embedded in everyone with a uterus is only tolerated if you're a girl, if I was a boy people would expect me to be normal, and I just am not down with that. Not at all.

Except, I wonder if I was a boy if maybe I'd have normal shaped ear insides. Maybe it's be worth it. But then you have to shave your face, and I'm afraid of that. I think I'd cut myself... nope, still not worth it. I'll just keep the L and R in the wrong ears, that's working for me this morning.

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