Wednesday, July 21, 2010

holy god

I'm going to Myrtle Beach in a week... I'm still tired from NY...

Here is the plan, tonight I have left myself completely open to do all of the things I have been avoiding forever because I'm lazy. That way, after I feel accomplished I'll be happier and the world will be great.

What have I been avoiding you may ask?

I bought new sheets from the overstock and have yet to put them on my bed. That was over a month ago. I'm now disgusted by my grossness... I also want to make some pillow cases out of my old sheets so I can have everything be matchy matchy because I'm an adult and adults don't have crazy pillow cases they made in high school anymore that don't match anything, including each other. I also have a pair of jeans I got at the thrift I've been meaning to turn into Bermuda shorts... bet you all didn't know I could sew, did you? That's because it's a hassle, but just like a lot of other things I avoid in my life (such as cutting Davids or Bobby's hair, doing the dishes, cleaning my room) it's really not as bad as I make it out to be before I start.

What? I cut the men in my life's hair too? How domestic of me.

I was talking to David last night about my crazy pie making skillz and I used Domestic to describe myself (word of the day: domestic). He said "yes, like a dog..." This is why I have self esteem issues.

So this evening I will be doing laundry, sewing up a storm, probably doing the dishes I've been avoiding since I got back.
I live such an adventurous life...

The best thing that happened to me yesterday was David found a ring of mine in his couch over the weekend. Check this mondo cuteness out.

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