Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Ladies and gents it is once again for me to be lazy and participate in a curious as a cat week instead of being original and writing about something of my own. I'm not sorry, because the only things I've been thinking about lately are boring to the the general public. So take a load off and enjoy. And if you feel like it answer the questions yourself... I'd love to read what you have to say!

1. What has been the most meaningful moment of your life so far? I'm going to be lame here when I say that it's the moment when I became self aware like sky net, except I haven't taken over the world yet....

I know that this may seem weird to you, in fact I don't even remember that moment, but it was monumentally important. I've been reading a lot and I can't tell you exactly what book it was but it went something like this:

Do you see that thing floating in front of my vision? Look. I have the ability to move that thing! I made that thing move! That thing they call my hand is moving and I made it happen! How amazing is that?! And that noise, the one that happens when I get happy; I made that noise. I made noises happen too! Look at all this power I have on the things around me, look what I can do! Do you hear it? Do you see this hand moving? It's because of me, all because of me!

That sort of thing changed my life, it changed yours too.

2. Do you prefer listening to string instruments, woodwinds, brass, or percussion?

Whew, this is hard. I prefer watching strings, hands down. I love to watch the musicians bow in sync, that is very appealing to my eye. But to listen...

Well I enjoy a nice piano sonata... Beethoven's 6th I'm pretty sure is my absolute favorite, and where would the orchestra be without the violin? No where, that's where. But, have you ever heard a saxophone? Or a marching band? Have you ever heard the trumpets play and you just get this feeling welling up inside of you like you're about to burst? Have you ever blown on a Bass Clarinet and felt the vibrations in your throat? So low and deep, moving from the deepest pits of your body? Have you ever heard symbols crash bringing you back to reality and reminding you that your life is real; and the things you were feeling are from the music, not yourself? Have you ever felt the vibration of a timpani including you in the song? Making it a physical thing, not just waves in the air. I love them all, together. I truly wouldn't get rid of any. But, if I had to choose one group alone, it would be the strings; because, like I said, piano sonatas warm my soul.

3. Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?

Too hot. You can always jump into a warm shower, or crawl in bed with a snuggle buddy. You can basically (except if you were say running across Antarctica in only your bathing suit) always get warmer, but once you're hot you pretty much stay that way. Plus when it's hot, it's just too darn hot, you can't do the things you'd normally do.

In the immortal words of Cole Porter, "But when the thermometer goes way, and the weather is sizzlin' hot, Mr. Adam, for his madam, is NOT".

4. Show and Tell: What comes to mind when you see this picture? Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Usually any picture with a bright blue sky makes me feel warm and relaxed, however this one has a sense of excitement associated with it too. It reminds me of the times I saw a hot air balloon take off at Yankee Peddler... which makes me want chicken on a stick very much. I know these aren't hot air balloons, I've just never seen a hang glider in real life so I have no memory associated with it. It does seem like something I'd like to try though.

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