Friday, May 28, 2010

mister clock man

Dear Mister 6am,

I do not like you, and I do not need to see you every morning. I need to sleep through you. I appreciate your existence, but I can't stand seeing you staring me in the face every morning when I open my eyes. Why do you insist upon being there? Why can't I ever have a morning where I don't see you?

I love that you exist, I do; it's just that I don't want to think about you until after you have passed and I didn't meet you. I want to see that later mart of Mister 7am, the very latter part. He is my morning friend, you are not. Leave me alone and stop waking me up.

And, if for some reason you do wake me up, let me go back to sleep. Silence your birds, and tell that jerk of an old person who lives down the street that 6am is no place for a lawn mower, especially when you mow the lawn every three days anyways. I don't want to hear your school buses, or your garbage trucks. I don't want to hear birds chirping or dogs barking. Leave those things alone till later, it's mean of you to be so noisy.

I'm a tired girl, I need my beauty rest. No one should have to see you mister 6am, no one.


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