Tuesday, June 1, 2010

so pissed!

So in an effort to save myself a few dollars (I'm going on vacation at the end of JULY!!!) I decided to put off buying all 8 books in the Sookie Stackhouse series

Note: the series True Blood, otherwise known as my life force, is based on 

for 33ish dollars for my Kindle and decided to wait to make sure I wanted them and only bought the first book and had it sent to my house. The old fashioned way, like Vampire Bill. :)

Now, on my lunch break today I started reading it,and you know what? I love it. Like oober love it. Like more than the shows, can't wait to get to the dirty, sexy, vampire/dog people/insanity that is true blood scenes love it. I once spent about $23 dollars to have the True Blood soda shipped to my house, I watched a whole first season in less than a week and wanted more. I love it so gosh darn much, reading the books was bound to excite me. 

And today, after my lunch break of blissful reading I went on Amazon only to find that the price has jumped over $20, it's now $56... So angry!!!!!!!

I might as well buy it in paper back, it's cheaper ($36) , and books don't run out of batteries. Or stop working when they get wet. Although a Kindle is easier to clean if you get crumbs in it, since I can't really read all day long without stuffing something into my mouth.  

This Picture is so sexy I can't handle it.
God I love True Blood.

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