Wednesday, June 30, 2010

at least Edward wasn't so creepy, thats a plus

I like Harry Potter and Twilight. There, I said it.

The best part about the movie last night was that the creepy factor was kept under control, and they played up the humor of the situation a lot more. Awkward teen moments make me laugh. I am really glad though that I wasn't one of the million or so 13 year old girls who saw it with their mother... some bits would have been moderately uncomfortable.

The other thing I'm happy about is the size of the Weres... most times werewolf's don't seem that large, these do. They are described as horse sized if my memory doesn't fail me, and in the movie the dogs are huge. It's the small details that make me happy. That's what happens when you're a book nerd.

The vampires fight in this movie and they play up the "hard as granite" aspect way too much. There is no blood, they shatter. That part was strange. I didn't imagine them as looking crystallized, but maybe it was easier than having blood everywhere?

Best news: Harry Potter looks amazing. I can't wait... 5 months, just 5 months... HOW CAN THEY MAKE ME WAIT A YEAR FOR THE SECOND HALF??!!?!!

The main improvements (besides Edward not looking like a rapist throughout every scene, he even smiled! think, love making you happy? weird...) were Jacob Black predominantly had his shirt off, Edwards hair was shorter and much cuter, and Edward didn't take his shirt off and reveal his strange nipples. The story line was accurate. Some of my favorite parts in the book where when the vampires explain their pasts and Rosalie and Jasper had flashback moments that were enjoyable and great for the story. Lately movies based on books disappoint me, but Twilight hasn't. I will admit that I have only seen each of them once. I never bought the movie, I never had the desire to do so; but from my one view with a not so obsessive outlook I'd say it was worth the nine bucks and losing sleep.

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