Monday, June 21, 2010

I need a new job

I need to go back to school and I need to get out of here.

I can't stand the fact that I have to literally "cover my own ass" because people are irresponsible.

I work for an insurance agent, and although this job is the only one I had, and it's wonderful that I got it when I did, I can't really stand working here.

The basis of it all is this: my job is not to babysit, but when it comes to people paying their bills I have to. I have to call them, and tell them they are late (something they already know because they get their bills the same 2 times every year and they already got a regular bill and a late bill). So I call these people, 3 times, and tell them they are canceling, and then they pay. Only after I've done this because they are too lazy to even pick up the phone and tell me they 1. got the message and 2. already knew they were late.

So, what happens if I don't call them? What happens if the fact that they are late slips through the radar and I don't call them?

Their car insurance cancels, and they drive without insurance. And I don't care.

However, if they get into an accident, and then find that "oh my? you mean I didn't pay my insurance that was due 2 months ago?" And guess who's fault that becomes? Mine.

It becomes my fault because 15 years ago some woman with nothing better to do decided to call these people three times so they became incredibly lazy and the blame falls on me. It's my fault you, the supposedly responsible adult, forgot to pay your car insurance because I didn't babysit you. It's me fault that you forgot.

And you know what? If I can't prove, in front of a court, that I did call them it really is my problem. Because for 15 years that's how it's been done, and I didn't call them. I'm responsible for 40 and 50, and 80 year old adults who can't read their mail and send out their bills on time.

I want a job where if someone doesn't do what I say the first time, it's not my responsibility to babysit them. I want a job where people driving without car insurance can't fall on me.

I don't care. Take that back. I do care. I care as much as they do. And if they don't care enough to monitor and pay their bills on time, I don't either.

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