Thursday, June 10, 2010

myrtle beach baby!

So, yesterday I booked my hotel for Myrtle Beach!
this is NOT my dress, I do like it though
How exciting is that? I'll tell you, super exciting.

Of all the things that I'm excited for the most wonderful is we will be going to a Medieval times dinner theater. I about peed my pants when I found out they had one in the area. Once I get in the doors I refuse to talk in anything but a British accent, and I will dress up, if Bobby will let me. I do play D&D you know, I have no shame when it comes to this stuff. I don't have a costume or anything, but I was a madrigal singer... and I may or may not still have my dress :)

We are also planning on attending the Ripley's Believe it or not Aquarium. I'm also going to admit that I spent about $80 last year on Blue Planet and Planet Earth because I bought it from the Discovery store... If only I'd been familiar with Amazon. I could have saved so much money. So where I'm going with that is I like underwater stuff. I like science. And I will probably spend way too much time there and may come out with a hat that looks like a shark, which I'll wear forever.

I decided today (since I paid the full price of the hotel, upfront, yesterday because Bobby has "no money" (his parents are giving him money to go, wish my parents were that giving) I will have to wait till I get paid a few more times before I buy these things) that I need a sun hat, and I want a new pair of sun glasses because mine are old and scratched. But, like I said, I have to wait a bit to get those items.

I decided a bit ago I would make myself a bathing suit, and from everything I've read so far it shouldn't take too long. I bought the material a while ago, and I bought the elastic about a week ago; I just need to do it. I'm going to put a bra in it (the main appeal of making my own) so that I can be comfortable and supported. I'm a swimmer, and wearing a bathing suit doesn't make me self conscious because it's like my second skin; but since God gifted me with gigantic nunga-nungas I've had to be very selective with what suits I wear because most don't have the support I need.

I like the look of this one, but at $138 I'm not really interested in purchasing one. I love the ruching around the top, it's really cute and hides the fact that it has a built in bra (with under wire). Like I said though, my fabric is purple. I'll definitely post as I begin making it.

side note: today is the day I find out if Teresa's baby is a boy or a girl! I'm rooting for a girl for a few reasons. 1. she has a really dumb boy name picked out (Odin. His nickname will be OdOR) and 2. Ruffle butt onesies will be so fun to make!

Last, but not least most important announcement for the day is that I applied for a serving job today online! I'll be going after work to hand in the application in person. The nanny job I had was apparently only for the school year, and she will only be needing me for random sitting date nights now, and at $35 a pop it's not that much more than I'm already making, It's time to get down to business. If I get a serving job now I can have some seniority come school time and have a more flexible schedule. I should be starting school in January, since my father has been giving me about a thousand a month to pay off my debt

side note: I'm paying him back, don't worry. Before I started school he agreed to pay half of every semester, I'd use my scholarships and student loans to pay the other half. So, I'll just take out loans for the whole amount for 2 semesters, and then we'll resume out regular he pays half I pay half regime. See? Easy).

and as a student there is no better job then serving, especially at a place where you've been for a while and they like you. I talked to the manager at this particular place when Damon's (my other serving job...) closed and he wanted me to come in and put in an application, but I was lazy and had a boyfriend and was enjoying my evenings off. Now I just want the money, and I'm willing to work for it so I'd make a great hire. Plus I'm not going on vacation for over a month and half, that gives me time to train, work a little bit, and since I'm taking Thursday to Monday off, it won't be that big of a deal. People want to work now, not like before when every server requested off every weekend. I also have a really close friend who works there that told me yesterday they are hiring like crazy, and I'm a good employee. I was filling out the application and realized how good I look on paper. I'll explain:

In the past 3 jobs I've never been fired (I've never been fired from anywhere actually), and more importantly I never left anywhere for no reason. Damon's closed, no con troll over that one, and Brandywine was seasonal, I couldn't work over the summer. I've had jobs overlapping (good for multi-tasking), and I'm not unemployed at the moment.

See? I'm reliable, because I wont quit. I've gotten a raise at my current job, that's on there too, which means I'm good and worth paying more. And most importantly It shows that people want to hire me, there is only a 1 month period on there where I don't have a job, and since I was in school, taking about 10 credit hours and going 6 days a week to fit it all in, a month with no job I think is acceptable. I'd hire me, wouldn't you?

Don't answer that.

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