Tuesday, June 8, 2010

dirty... and clean

I live with people, and in the process of that living, sometimes things get overlooked. The other night after dinner I loaded a few things into the dishwasher, but I didn't run it because it wasn't even half full.

 I like to make up for the fact that I take 15-20 minutes showers (every other day) by not blatantly wasting water in other ways.

So yesterday when I got home I was standing in the kitchen eating Doritos (forgot how freaking good those things are) and the topic of running a dish washer cleaner solution through the empty dishwasher came up. Then my sister started to unload the dirty dishes, so I stopped her. You know, because they were dirty.

Living with people is a challenge because there are ways to do thing efficiently, and there are ways to do things not efficiently. Here is my craft I made today (yes, at work) to help with knowing whats clean, and whats not.

I put these each on a big magnet, so when they are clean, we can put the clean one on the dishwasher, and then vice verse for the dirty.

Look at me! The little problem solver :)

Both these photos I got from http://publicdomainpictures.net/ and then just added the words. I did it in paint, not very high tech or difficult. They are cute though, and have made me happy.

You should check the site out if you ever want to use a photo. It makes me feel better when I don't steal from the people on the interweb.

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