Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm going to NEW YORK!!!

Of all the things in the world I've never done, going to NYC is one of the worst things on the list. I live in Ohio for Pete's sake, why haven't I been been there? I can't even justify this.

Senior year I chose to go to Chicago with the drama club instead of the senior trip to NY... I think I chose well, I got along better with the drama kids than the people in my class at that point. End of senior year was rough, I hated everyone...

Other opportunities just never came along for me. Until now.

The love of my life/best girl friend I've ever had, Adrienne, left me to live a life of glam in the big city about a month ago. And now, since we miss each other, I'll be visiting her in a month. I planned a bus trip, and It'll be the best weekend ever.

July is my month! New York in the middle then Myrtle Beach in the end. It's almost like I'll be having summer vacation again... only I'm missing a total of 3 days of work, and I'm getting paid for them since I'm a big kid.

I won't be seeing a show, not that I could afford it right now; but I'll be seeing Adrienne and I always have a good time with her. There are a few things I must do, and they are 1) get Chinese food and 2) give money to a street musician. Gotta support the arts, and dumplings.

Art and dumplings, my two favorite things in the world.

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