Monday, June 28, 2010

can I bring a pillow on the bus?

In a mere 18 days I'll be taking the plunge and heading to the big city. The Big City. The city so important you say it twice. New York, New York!

I'm not going to start a countdown because I can't count backwards and walk at the same time... but I can tell you this: I'm pretty gosh darn excited! I'm just nervous about one thing.

The bus ride is long, like really long. And although I'll have my Kindle and I will bring snacks, I think that a 2 hour ride followed by a 7 hour one after I change buses is plenty of time to get in a good nap. Hey, it's about what I sleep on a nightly basis, and since I'll be waking up and heading out into the city that lets you drink in public till around 4am, why not sleep as much as I can before I'm there? My biggest concern is (besides being drugged and having my organs harvested) that I won't be able to sleep on the bus. I'll probably be cold (is that weird? I get very cold in the AC on charter buses) and I need a pillow to sleep. So my main concern is can I bring my own pillow?

Remember September 11? Remember how travel basically became impossible after that?

So, the station has no real qualms about bringing liquid, which is good since I plan on bringing a keg... kidding, but I will bring some beverages considering Adrienne loves whisky and what is a better house warming gift than booze? And in order to calm my traveling nerves I plan on being half sloshed at least until I can relax enough to get my heart rate down to normal, and since anti-anxiety medicine isn't over the counter yet. But they do have limits on how much luggage you can bring.

I only will be gone for 2 days, so I can probably fit everything into a carry on. But can I fit all my clothes, as much booze as I'm planning on bringing, snacks, the cookies I will be baking for Adrienne, my shot gun pepper spray for protection, and a pillow, and a blanket? Do normal people have these fears when traveling? No? Anyone?

On a brighter note I got paid today, which is good because my account was at -$42 when I looked this morning... I wrote at $43 check at the beginning of the month my sister didn't cash till yesterday. I would have been fine if she'd just cashed it at the beginning of the month like a normal person and I would've been able to see it on my statement. But asking anyone in my family to do more than pretend to be normal is asking way too much.

On a second equally bright note I may be singing with a band! I know someone who knows someone who needs a girl singer. I'm a girl singer. How perfect?! Well, the thing is that they sort of do pop country music, and I don't really have a country voice, but I blend like no bodies business so if they only want me for harmonies they are in for a treat. However, my voice sounds awesome with guitar. Maybe I'll work, maybe not.  Happy Monday!

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