Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i'm not really a breakfast perosn

This is what I've had for breakfast for the last few days in a row...

Not that eating fiber supplements is in any way a meal replacement, but I've been full till lunch time, and I'm feeling great. And with the amount of butter and carbs I normally cook with (especially for breakfast) cutting out one meal's worth of calories is not a bad thing. Not to mention all that womanly bloat we have sometimes is not effecting me as much as normal.

Am I allowed to talk about poop on my blog?

Like I tell my babysitting kids, everyone poops.

Fiber is good, and these taste good. And if I can take two, drink my water bottle, and feel like a functioning human being without a grumbly belly I'm going to do it. Especially since it's zero calories but makes me feel like I ate a meal.

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