Tuesday, May 11, 2010

time for me to admit something

True story, I can't spell!

So what? Shoot me, okay?

I can do math, hard math in my head. I know every ones birthday, by heart; even the people I don't talk to anymore. I can remember phone numbers, and addresses! I can give directions too, and not girl directions, real directions.

I can do things that involve numbers so easily. Stoichiometry? No big,  I can do that. Percentages? That's cake too.

I can remember long lists of things, and I can repeat that list perfectly if need be. I can remember recipes, and such nonsense you don't really need because it's written down.

But there are some words I just cannot for the life of me remember how to spell.

Here is that list, including my misspellings of the word. Some have many.

    I usually spell it: embarassed
   my way is arround, please don't laugh, it seems right to me
   I usually spell it untill, because till has 2 L's, so I think until should too.
4. Necessary,  or Necessarily
   I spell this one so wrong: necessecarally, neseccarally, necesecary all inconcieveable bits that the computer can't even figure out what I mean half the time.

If you ever see one of these in my blog you can be sure it's because I spell checked it, a lot. So appreciate the fact that i use words I can't spell often, because I do that in regular speech and I'm just trying to keep it real.


  1. definitely. i always want to spell it wrong. and sadly, when i am typing fast, maire. yes. i misspell my own name.

  2. I sometimes misspell my name when I hand write it because I'm going too fast, I forget the "i"... it becomes dense

  3. oh MY GOSH, what about.. restaurant?? and jeopardy, or hwoever you spell it? freaking words.

  4. Actually, in regards to "until," you can write the word "till" and it still works. So you weren't totally off :)