Saturday, May 22, 2010

I went to the Indians game last night. Huge amounts of fun, and we had the perfect seats. They were the row closest to the field covered by the awning, so when it rained everyone moved behind us. It was pretty boss. Then there were fireworks after, which were really good. I didn't expect them to be so great.

I didn't take this. I borrowed it from this guy.

All good parts aside, did you know a beer at the stadium for a "large" (which may be 17oz, not large by any standards of my own) costs $7.75?

Isn't that absurd? And they only offer Bud Light... You'd think if they were going to jack me they'd at least have the courtesy to give me a choice of beers to drink to numb the pain of my empty wallet. But no, they just take your credit card, smile, and call the next person in line to also get jacked. All for Bud Light.

Seriously though, I'm bringing my new flask next time. I was just afraid to get strip searched, so I left it in the car.

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