Monday, May 10, 2010

fill in the blank monday

I'm always behind on these things, it's not on purpose... I just forget.

However, since it's about books, and those are by far my favorite thing in the world I decided better late than never. Plus I really feel like you can get to know someone by the books they've read. I sometimes spy on other peoples book shelves when I visit their houses... just sometimes :)

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I'm too late to link mine, but I don't care. I'll do it for me!

1. My favorite book growing up was honestly I didn't like reading till I was about 14. My family made me read out loud to them just to make sure I was doing it, and I hated that. The book series that turned me on to reading was Harry Potter, and I didn't read those till 8th grade, 4 entire years after they came out. Harry Potter, my one true love!

2. The funniest book I've ever read was Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. It's by Gregory Maguire, the same guy who wrote Wicked, and it's sort of the same idea. It's Cinderella from the view of the step sister, and it's funny because it's good and true and painful. I have yet to finish that one, I need to. I let someone borrow it because I was too busy with classes to really go for it. I'll have to get another copy, because I don't see that girl anymore.

3. The one book that has truly changed my life was probably 1984. Is that strange? It changed me to the point of not being able to see dust without thinking the world's gone to Hell. I loved that book, and it makes you look at what is really important, and the mentality of a controlled people. It's scary when you compare it to today. Some of the best books I ever read were school books. I also loved "To Kill a Mockingbird", it made me see relationships in a whole different light.

4. If you're looking for a real "tear jerker" you should probably read the 7th Harry Potter book ,seriously cried through half of it. But in all honesty, I don't read sad books all the often, not because I wouldn't, just because I haven't. Plus I like fiction, and fantasy. I'm sorry I don't have an answer for this.

5. If I could meet any author living or dead it would be Mark Twain. He has the capacity to be funny, serious, satirical, all while being innovative and writing literature that deserves to be studied and spans generations. The Diaries of Adam and Eve is one of the sweetest, most innocently true love stories I've read so far. I feel like his intelligence was also a huge factor in why I've loved his writing. Smart people make good books.

6. The next book on my "to read" list is "Without You", the auto Biography from Anthony Rapp, the guy from Rent the musical, he played Mark. He was also in the movie Rent. I started the first few pages the other day. I'm excited to continue. I'm also reading Pride and Prejudice, and A Wolf at the Table. I hardly ever have just one book going at a time.

7. If I was snowed into a remote cabin in the woods and could only choose 3 books to bring with me, I'd bring the three books I'm reading now, because I haven't read them yet, and I don't like reading books over. I want to be stuck in a cabin in the snow, that would be wonderful! As long as I had someone there to build me fires and make me coco.

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